POF Dating is no longer an active project of mine

I started POF Dating, because I wanted to help you make new friends or meet that special someone, but quickly discovered that this idea wasn’t well researched. There is already a huge site with the same acronym that (POF Dating) that’s apparently very well known. And besides, my plans to match you with other singles, or improve your dating game were a bit ambitious. People nowadays are more inclined to follow their hobbies and passions, and in the process they sometimes overestimate themselves and get caught up in their own excitement. That happened to me. So you’re gonna have to meet new people on your own. This project is closed and has been for a while (I’m just updating this page, because from time-to-time I get random weirdos contacting me). Anyway, make new friends (or friends with benefits, whatever), those special someones and have fun.

Just to reiterate, you can’t use this POF Dating site to gain access to hundreds of thousands of like-minded singles. Nor can you use it like I initially hoped – for you to better yourself to use what you have to get what you want! You’ll have to find out how to meet singles in your back yard; at your local coffee shops, at dinner parties or online without my help.

There are a lot of places right around the corner from you where you can meet new people and there are also many websites promising immediate results while preserving your anonymity. Use them. Their dating strategy often offers a ‘secret formula’ that automatically matches you with perfect candidates, and it might even be good. My POF Dating can’t do that.