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I wonder which ones in the future will be the most important area of ​​validation in our daily life such as k facebook and twitter .. Web 2. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Facebook Type: Social Network Site Number of Active Users: 1.2 Billion Facebook, which does not require much explanation, has managed to attract all the attention with its recently updated design. LinkedIn Type: Professional Network Site Number of Active Users: Million LinkedIn, which brings together professionals from all over the business world in different specialties, is actively used by the majority of small and medium-sized companies. Badoo Genre: Dating Site Number of Active Users: Million Although dating sites are not used as intensely as before to meet new people using the internet, Badoo shows that old habits cannot be easily abandoned.

MySpace Type: Social Network Site Number of Active Users: 50 Million Although it is a social network, MySpace is used mostly by professionals and amateurs who are interested in music, and still has a large user segment with its experience of more than 10 years.

Friendster, once popular in the Western world with nearly a million members, is far from its old show … Viadeo Type: Professional Network Site Number of Active Users: 35 Million Viadeo, a industry-oriented professional networking site, enables professionals operating in the same sector to connect all over the world. . Photolog Type: Photoblog Number of Active Users: 20 Million Members create photo diaries and blogs, Fotoblog is one of the oldest social networks in the digital world in photo sharing, with a history dating back to the past.

Plaxo Type: Social Network Site, Address Book Number of Active Users: 15 Million Today, every internet user has different phone numbers and e-mail addresses using more than one source.

Foursquare Type: Location Based Social Network Site Number of Active Users: 20 Million Mobile devices have become a part of daily life and location sharing has become a habit, undoubtedly, has led to the rapid spread of the use of Foursquare. StumbleUpon Type: Social Bookmarking Site Number of Active Users: 25 Million A BookMarking site that allows users to recommend each other the content they encounter on the internet, StumbleUpon makes it easier to discover new websites and offers the opportunity to learn what is popular on the internet with the points users give to the sites.

DeviantArt Type: Social Art Sharing Site Number of Active Users: 25 Million DeviantArt, which enables users to share with social networks whatever they have about their own art, is the sharing sites that are actively used by those interested in graphic design and photography. Meetup Type: Social Network Site Number of Active Users: Founded in 14 million years, Meetup is a site used to organize offline group meetings and share with social networks. Picasa Type: Visual Sharing Network Number of Active Users: Current No Explanation Picasa is a Google brand that offers free photo storage, sharing photos with social networks, commenting on other members’ photos, adding bookmarks to photos.

My Yahoo Type: Social Network Site Number of Active Users: 40 Million My Yahoo, which enables Yahoo users to share socially on a single page, offers a wide range of sharing opportunities from photos and videos to weather and daily horoscope comments. This means a wide flow of content… Technorati Type: Blog Browsing Network Number of Active Users: Million Blog Technorati, which enables publishers to scan a very large blog network and create their own indexes, brings together almost all social networks with more than million tagged social media content.

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However, you can see and vote on the works without invitation. While you are a member of the system, it is possible to specify how far you prefer the person you want to live at the most from you on the a plus dating site. A site purchased by Google for Google Maps where you can share photos of places around you. Your friends define you with 3 words, you define your friends with 3 words, but don’t worry, you can write completely anonymously. A-plus work, Jack! The first thing that impressed me was his courage. Last year, but I got an A plus from it. Switch to Webrazzi International Dark theme. A plus dating site dating site. The listed profiles do not need to be among your LinkedIn contacts. It is a platform where professionals in the business world share data about their work. Register Login

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